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CodingTop userful JavaScript shorthands

Improve your code readability by using these shorthands. Some of them are game changer with React!
Tech tipsGain back the control of your browser

Fix the dark patterns some sites adopt for no reasons and get back your copy-paste, text selection and right click with these easy tricks
TutorialSystemd-boot install on Fedora 32 (Updated for 34)

Let's see how to install systemd's bootloader on the new Fedora 32 and Fedora 34
TutorialAutomatic LUKS 2 disk decryption with TPM 2 and Clevis on Fedora 31

Unlock automatically your Linux PC using the hardware Trusted Platform Module and the clevis framework
SetupMy homelab

A quick tour of the hardware in my small homelab
SetupMy battlestation

How I am organizing my perfect desk setup